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22, Taur, Белоруссия, Минск
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Detalii importante ale lovelyykru
Preferinţă sexualăBisexual
Înălţime>170 cm - 175 cm
Greutate55 - 60 kg
LimbiRusă, Engleză
Păr pubianTunsa
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Despre mine
In my shows you can see the caresses and games , I am Natalie, I am 22
Ce îmi displace
СКУПОСТЬ ,попрошайничество , не аддектватное общение , халявщики
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Program de lucru lovelyykru
In my shows you can see the caresses and games

lovelyykru In my shows you can see the caresses and games image: 1

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What I like about BDSM

ÐоÑожее изобÑажениеÐаÑÑинки по запÑоÑÑ BDSM pngÐоÑожее изобÑажение

BDSM is certainly not for everybody but the simple fact is that someone who has an affinity for this kind of lifestyle will never be truly be satisfied and fulfilled in a vanilla relationship.

And very few people who seriously enjoy BDSM activities have anything in common with Christian Grey & 50 Shades. These books in my mind has been written by an author who was seeking to exploit a market for financial gain while having little but academic interest in the subject.

ÐоÑожее изобÑажение

So lets set the record straight - there a more than one shade of BDSM.

You do get people who are not even interested in sex but just the stereotypical activities associated with this lifestyle … they are almost always in character. But in my experience these people are by far the minority.

Most people who are fascinated by spanking, restraints etc. do this once in a while to spice their sex-lives up. We quite enjoy vanilla sex as well.

But every now and then we love pushing things a bit further in order to experience heightened senses.

Now why do I say that BDSM heighten the senses?

It is simple physiology. A skillful domme will make adrenaline and dopamine flood through the sub’s body. Think of it as the equivalent of skydiving and having sex while in the air.

That is the best way for me to describe it.

There is a further dimension to it. The sub relinquish control and more importantly the expectation to do anything in return to pleasure the domme.

Imagine … you are tied up helplessly and your domme is taking you through a journey of discovery where all the attention is on you and the sensations that you are experiencing.

Nothing else matters in that moment.

lovelyykru What I like about BDSM image: 5

Dream date is an unusual date!

Strawberry Picking Untitled | Loreta | Flickr

Head to the farm and go berry picking

Berry picking is a fun activity, and also one that allows for a lot of talking and getting to know each other time. Also I love berries!

And after would be nice to have rest under starry sky near bonfire!

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Gorgeous girl, with an elegance and intelligence to be most attractive. Lovely lips.
Твою точеную фигуру
Влюбленным взглядом провожал.
Ты - как античная скульптура,
Пропорций точный идеал!!
Вот смотрю на тебя и понимаю, что ты обладаешь безупречным вкусом, чувством стиля и великолепными манерами.У тебя не только красивые сантиметры снаружи, но, уверен, и не менее красивые километры неизведанной души!!!

Are you looking for a balance of charm and sophistication, mischievousness and decorum, a love of laughter and gentle sensibility? Then look no further. I will fulfill your wildest dreams…


As a passionate woman with an entrepreneurial spirit, I rarely find myself running with the pack but, rather, striking off on my own path. I am I am Natalie, only 19 years old, young and full of life!

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I like art, exploring new fetishes, bdsm, sport, fruit tea and cold winter mornings.

 lovelyykru Interests image: 1 pomegranate rose iced tea

Do you like discussing world events, speculating on domestic finance, or are you an oenophile, love to travel, or have some other passion you’d like to share with me?

There are a million different ways to share our interests and we should waste no time in discovering all of them!


Favorite perfume

CARVEN Paris-Bangalore eau de parfum 100ml

Carven Paris-Bangalore

Paris Bangalore is an oriental meets seductively-sweet perfume, that's bursting with vanilla, sandalwood, tonka bean and amber.