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Înălţime>160 cm - 170 cm
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Simply the best *) I love you *)
Distance separates our lips but unites our hearts.
My desire for you does not go away, it accumulates.
For love tests, distance was created.
It's amazing how far you are and how close I feel to you.
If I am given the opportunity to make three wishes, I ask you three times
I don't care about distance, I only care about you!
You can be away from my eyes but not from my thoughts.
I have 2 eyes to see you, 5 senses to feel you, 7 days a week to think about you and my whole life to love you.
How nice it would be to wake up at midnight and see you here, by my side...
1. My desire for you does not go away, it accumulates.
2. I'm going to make love to you so good that you're going to ask me for the recipe.
3. Take off the clothes that you want, I'll take them off.
4. You and I have pending groans.
5. I invite you to misbehave, are you coming?
6. My bed is full of good intentions and very bad ideas.
7. They say that morning sex is more effective than coffee.
8. You are the temptation that I cannot resist. team ks
We've been through a lot, you and me. The good, the bad, and the in-between. And after all this time, I have come to see your imperfections as you have come to see mine. But despite all this, I still love you. Every fiber of your being, united to create your existence, is what I love. real ks
.... It's been so long since I felt so alive being around someone else. And it is enough that you smile at me for my heartbeat to accelerate in unexpected ways. team KS
I don't know how to begin to tell you that from the moment I saw you, I knew that I could no longer get you out of my mind and as I got to know you better, the feeling became much stronger. You are so different from the rest of the people I know, your way of being and acting, everything in you has shown me that you are someone of whom I never got tired of discovering new details and I simply don't want to stop doing it.
When I chose you, the rest of the world's people disappeared for me.
♡ You came into my life and I always dreamed of you. You are the one who waited so much and longed for. It's you, everything I needed to be happy.
♡ If I could write your name on each drop of rain, I would do it, and then soak in the storm.
♡ I want EVERYTHING with you or nothing with anyone ..
I fell again
I fell in love again
again I'm excited
I have fallen in love again.
Love enveloped me again,
without looking for it he found me,
without calling my heart came.
team ks
... But the reality is that we always imagine everything worse than it really is and with you I have found the perfect travel companion that makes it easy even in the most complicated moments.